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The Origins of Groupe Gauthier

The history of MAISON BONABAUD began in 1906 when Joseph Bonabaud was born in the Beaujolais region, in Southern Burgundy, France. In 1926, after the death of his father, Joseph took over the family business, which had a strong local and qualitative focus, and expanded nationally, by moving it to Lyon and then Paris. Following Joseph's union with one of the descendants of the Stuhlmuller family in 1944, the company eventually settled in Joigny, in the region of Chablis, where it still exists today.

Meanwhile, across the country, Emile Bertaud, born in Bordeaux in 1888, acquired a wine estate named  CHÂTEAU GAUTHIER in 1919. Under his management, this wine estate, founded in 1882, grew steadily and became one of the most prominent wineries of the Blaye region, and a "1st Growth of Bordeaux", as attested by the Charles Cock & Feret Guide of 1946. Emile Bertaud then expanded his wine activities in the region of Entre-Deux Mers and Bordeaux Supérieur.


Joseph Bonabaud

Alliances and Expansion


Early, the descendants of Joseph Bonabaud recognized the importance of having their own vineyards to guarantee the family wine merchant business a constant supply of premium wines from premium appellations and terroirs of France. 


In 2017, Fabien, grandson of Joseph and son of Michel, acquired CHÂTEAU GAUTHIER from the descendants of Emile Bertaud, thus materializing the union of the family merchant business with the historic vineyard.


Abroad, the Groupe's commercial activities are managed by GAUTHIER MILLESIMES, which operates logistical platforms in France (Bordeaux, Burgundy) and Asia (Singapore in particular). In 2018, all the Groupe's activities were brought together to form GROUPE GAUTHIER (the "Groupe"), each keeping its own identity.

Emile Bertaud

Château Gauthier

Château Gauthier

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Philosophy of Groupe Gauthier


Sustainability and excellence are the founding values of the Groupe. As such, we engaged in a holistic approach favouring socially, economically and ecologically responsible wine growing and making practices. All our vineyards are grown in accordance with organic standards, and we collaborate exclusively with recognized artisan-winemakers recognized for the quality of their craft and their intimate understanding of the terroir.


More than ever, Groupe Gauthier is committed to raise international awareness about the creative spirit and tradition of excellence of the French (and European) viticulture, through its diverse array of production, trade and oenological activities.

Groupe Gauthier today

Our Group perpetuates its founders' legacy through its continuous effort to promote the terroirs and historical heritage of its wine estates, thanks to a highly qualitative focus and a voluntarist export strategy.


Today, Groupe Gauthier grows its own vineyards, operates warehouses in France and abroad, and owns sales and representative offices in Europe and Asia, thereby ensuring an optimal end-to-end command of its own supply chain.


Château Gauthier

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Contact Us

Contact Us

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French Headquarters

5, Allées de Tourny

33 000 Bordeaux, France

Phone: + 33 660 834 539


Singapore Branch

11 Beach Road #03-01 

Singapore 189 675

Phone: + 65 8186 0004


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