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Bordeaux is the largest Appellation Controlée region in France, in terms of both volume and value. It is home to many of the most prestigious names in fine wine, amongst them our own estate Château Gauthier, located in Blaye, just 50 kilometres north of the Bordeaux city centre.

Its moderate maritime climate benefits from the warming effect of the Gulf stream, which brings warm water from the Caribbean to northern Europe, extending the growing season and allowing us to create beautiful wines. The soils of Bordeaux are very varied, with sandy soils prevailing on our estates. Our sustainable winemaking practices allow us to craft complex and expressive wines, highlighted by a characteristic finesse and elegance.

Our wines are made in Blaye and Bourg, two exceptional winemaking regions within Bordeaux, with a history spanning for more than 2000 years, since the first Romans settled there and planted the first vineyards. Château Gauthier was founded in 1882 by Emile Bertaud and is our heritage wine, made using grapes from our 10-hectare vineyard at the heart of our domain.

Blaye & Bourg

Bordeaux’s history as a wine region started in Blaye. The former Royal city was originally founded as a Roman fortress to guard the estuary of the Garonne river. The Romans were the first ones to plant vines for their own consumption, but also in an attempt to settle farmers in the area.


Blaye then evolved into a city of national strategic importance when the French Monarch Louis XIV transformed it into the mightiest fortified city on French coast, with one and only objective: protect Bordeaux, and its vineyards. The viticultural vocation of Blaye has crossed centuries until today, strong and well alive. 

The ‘Blaye Côtes-de-Bordeaux’ appellation, formerly known as "Premieres-Côtes de Blaye", is a hilly and woody region covering some 6,000 Hectares, 5% of the total Bordeaux wine region. It is located 30 km North of Bordeaux and is at the centre of one of the finest wine terroirs in world: facing Pauillac and its Classified Grand Crus just 4 km across the Garonne estuary, the region is also fringed by Cognac to the North, praised for its world-renowned wine brandies.


Located in the direct continuity of Fronsac, Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, Blaye and Bourg grow Merlot as their main varietal, often blended with Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon to make some of the most elegant, refreshing and versatile wines in the entire Bordeaux region.


Our wines may be best enjoyed after 4 to 5 years, or kept for ageing for up to 12 years. White wines are primarily made of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon and pair perfectly the world renowned seafood of Bordeaux's Atlantic Coast. 

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Citadelle de Blaye

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Château Gauthier

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Château Gauthier

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Founded in 1882, our historical estate of Château Gauthier is located in the village of Civrac-de-Blaye, in a terroir of rolling countryside, shady forests, and lively rivers.


Our heritage wine of Château Gauthier is produced under the appellation of "Blaye Cotes-de-Bordeaux", often designated as "Premieres-Cotes de Blaye". This is a single vineyard blend of 70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc. Each grape varietal is vinified separately to retain their terroir expression. We keep yields low (40HL/Hectare) to ensure that flavours remain adequately concentrated, and the average age of the vines is 30 years. In the cellar, our wine is aged in old French oak barrels for at least 12 months before bottling, depending on the vintage. Finally, bottles are kept for at least 1 year in our cellars before release.


In the glass, the aromatic nose evokes notes of peppermint, underwood and black cherries. On the palate, thanks to a very attentive ageing, the tannins are firm, yet well-rounded, supported by red berry flavours and a great freshness. Our decidedly elegant and convivial wine was noted by the famous Guide Feret as a "Bordeaux 1st Cru" back in 1922 and 1946. More recently, it was recognized by the Paris and Bordeaux wine contests multiple times and has been consistently recommended by Wine Enthusiast and Guide Hachette. However, the story does not end here. With a revisited branding, new grape varietal plantations, and a focus on sustainable, small-scale production and limited edition wines, there is certainly a lot to expect at Château Gauthier in the years to come.

Emile Bertaud Cuvée 1919

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The Vignobles Emile Bertaud are situated on the ridge separating the Côtes-de-Bourg appellation, from the Blaye one to the North. Like most vineyards of the Côtes-de-Bourg appellation, it is oriented westwards, facing the warmer afternoon sun. The proximity of the Gironde River estuary provides cool conditions at night, even in the midst of summer, which preserves the freshness of the wines. 


We treat all our wines with great care, but we are especially proud of our white wine. Named after the foundation year of our historical estate of Château Gauthier by Émile Bertaud, our Cuvée « 1919 » is the result of the skillful association between the smooth elegance of Semillon, and the fruitiness of Sauvignon Blanc. Our vines are grown in the Côtes-de-Bourg appellation, where the production is 98% focused on red grape varietals, making this wine a rare find. In the glass, the wine is clean and golden. The nose expressive with notes of lime and lychee. On the palate, the wine is round and flavoursome, yet precisely balanced so that it will not overpower the finest dishes.


Emile Bertaud Cuvée 1919 is made with 85% Sauvignon Blanc and 15% Sémillon. It is one of very few white wines in the Côtes-de-Bourg appellation. It is aged for 6 months in stainless steel vats and 6 months in French oak barrels before release.

In the glass, our  white wine is undoubtedly elegant: it reveals a subtle yellow colour, a crisp freshness, delicate vanilla flavours and boasts a long finish. Very versatile, it is best enjoyed on its own, with white fish and meats, Thai curries, Japanese sushi’s, vintage cheeses and desserts.

Cuvée « 1919 » is a uniquely elegant Bordeaux white that can be enjoyed in all occasions, either alone or paired with white fish and meats, vintage cheeses, Asian dishes, fresh oysters, and blue lobster.

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Emile Bertaud Grande-Réserve

Vignobles Emile Bertaud are formed of various plots totalling 3.5 hectares, grown in the vicinity of our historical domain of Château Gauthier. Though very close to one another, the terroirs of these vineyards are nonetheless very different, which is materialized in 2 wine appellations, one for Bourg, and another for Blaye.


Vignobles Émile Bertaud, named after one of Groupe Gauthier’s early founders, is situated on the ridge separating the Côtes-de-Bourg appellation from the Blaye one to the North. Like most vineyards of the Côtes-de-Bourg appellation, it is oriented westwards, facing the warmer afternoon sun. The proximity of the Gironde estuary provides cool conditions at night, even in the midst of summer, which preserves the freshness of the wines. 


Due to its unique position at the junction of 2 distinct terroirs, our Grande-Réserve combines the fullness of Côtes-de-Bourg with the freshness and elegance of Blaye. Emile Bertaud Grande-Réserve is a 73% Merlot and 27% Cabernet Sauvignon blend grown on a 2-hectare plot farmed in Côtes-de-Bourg. It spent 14 months in French oak barrels before being bottled, which makes it a complex and yet well-balanced wine.

In the glass, the wine boasts an intense crimson colour with bright purple shades. The nose is fresh and fruity with dark fruit berries notes. Powerful yet elegant, its tannins are soft and its finish is long and delicate. Perfect pairing with cold cuts, red meat, cheese and dark chocolate dessert.

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